Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Castration Phone Mistress

For some being CASTRATED sounds horrific.
The mere mention of the word CASTRATION has a man crossing his legs to protect those precious testicles. But really you offer up your balls so easily when there is the hint of a blow job in the air. Those balls are unzipped and out on displayed for your CASTRATION MISTRESS. Yes I do know how to toy with your emotions in a way to get those worthless items from your pants. Even if it is to tempt you with a silly thing such as oral sex. I dont mind getting a little taste of that cock in my mouth. For it means I am that much closer to CASTRATING your balls with MY mouth. Oh yes to rip them from your body with MY sharp teeth as if they are a rare steak.

Did I forget to mention I am pure carnivore?
GODDESS SHIVA ready to consume your balls in a CASTRATION PHONE SEX call.
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Castration Phone Sex


CASTRATION PHONE SEX has such a nice ring to it don't you think? Well it does for ME. I get such wonderful visions of how those balls shall be removed for really I have many ways to take them from those little scrotum sacks. For one caller the more EXTREME the CASTRATION the more he begs ME to rip those balls from his body. Many times I am actually tearing them out of those wrinkly sacks with my sharp teeth. How he reacts when he sees the blood from from my very chin. How would you react to such a vision?

1-888-662-6482 Kneel when asking for SHIVA

FetishDomina is MY aim and yahoo

As always its highly recommended to read your GOTHIC PHONE SEX MISTRESS bio this is where you find out all the vile and nasty thing that I am into.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Castration Fantasy


Destruction of puny testes has been the mission of your PHONE SEX DOMINA this week. Taking those CASTRATION PHONE SEX calls to a different level.

Increasing the TORTURE? Perhaps.

Increasing the intensity that has you questioning how sick you are? Definitely.

For one such worthless soul realized after only a couple CASTRATION calls that it wasnt enough to have his testes added to my shelf. One testicle at a time I took great enjoyment in not only removing them but in the absolute complete destruction of them.

Perhaps you need to ask yourself at this time... How EXTREME a PHONE MISTRESS do you seek? How NASTY a PHONE EXPERIENCE will you delve into? For if the mere mention of blood makes you weak. I shall say do not bother calling ME. For those thinking they are able to handle what I am about to do to them well then pick up the phone and call your CASTRATION MISTRESS.

Goddess SHIVA

1-888-662-6482 Kneel when dialing

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Castration Phonesex

In MY dungeon is a shelf that holds an assortment of jars. Most hold only a letter followed by a date. I never tell anyone what is contained within the jars for I enjoy the look on their faces when they pick up the jar as I tell them the jars contain the testes of MY last CASTRATION PHONESEX victim. The shock and horror really. The initial is the name and well the date is rather obvious.

I can remember ever jar and the situation that arose from each ball removal session. For each in their own right is rather unique. Some come to ME so willingly knowing full well that they have no right to have balls and that CASTRATION is a must. While others... well lets just say they are not so will and some FORCE is rather needed. Either way the job gets done. They have no choice but to submit to ME.

Those freshly landing on MY CASTRATION PHONE SEX BLOG really fall into two catagories: facination or interest. So I recommend not only reading up on CASTRATION but also reading up on the PHONE MISTRESS that will be performing the testes removal. I will not tolerate anyone assuming I will have a suck and fuck type of PHONESEX call, I am a DOMME and will not fuck anyone who calls ME. Even thinking of ME in that way obviously means you should not consider calling ME. I am looking for true PHONESEX slaves that understand the importance of complete and total submission.


1-888-662-6482 Kneel when asking for ME
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Those looking to book a call can find MY sexy latex covered ass on in the evenings usually on after 8 pm EST.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Castration Phone Sex

The weakling at the end of MY phone realized that he was not fit to own a set of balls and was in need of a CASTRATION PHONE SEX call. I must say, I happen to agree with him. There are very few men that are deserving of a pair of balls. Really for some of you rodents they are mere decorations. That is why your in search of a strong, dominant woman such as MYSELF. For I shall rid your anatomy of those useless adornment. However, not before I am using you for some personal entertainment. Really if you are thinking I am about to give you one last fuck your sadly mistaken for I am a true PHONE MISTRESS and will not fuck you. I am parading you around naked for all to see how useless those balls truly are. Then its time for a public CASTRATION.
For those new to ME reading MY PHONE SEX profile is of the highest importance. This is where you will find out that I am an EXTREME PHONE SEX MISTRESS and enjoy things that are FILTHY and NASTY.
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FetishDomina is MY aim and yahoo use wisely
1.99/minute with a 10 minute minimum
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